Monday, October 25, 2010

Time for Change!

So, I have been researching and I continue to find the slogan "By failing to plan, you are planning to fail." I am getting the hint and I am trying to learn how to plan out my stories after writing from a free style point of view since the beginning of my writing for fun. I realize that building my characters and plotting the story will allow me to hold a readers attention and I want to have the reader remember my story.
Mainting my commitment to planning will be my challenge and my chance to prove that I can change my ways for a better script. I will give this a try and keep my mind open as I am writing too. I have read and spoken to writer's that say that they do not plan what they write and that they are doing fine.All I know  is that after I write free style for a while, my fingers stop typing and I lose myself in everyday life in days, months and even years pass by before I attempt to finish the story. It's time for change and I know it. I just hope that I will survive the planning and the plotting without having ADHD and lose focus.
I have found these web sites that I am fishing for information and hope that this may be useful to another writer if needed.,,

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