Monday, October 4, 2010

Laboring for the Dream

Are you dreaming of something that you desire to do? Have you put your dreams on the shelf of life because you have a 9-5 with or without benefits? Are you bored with what you do and you just can't stop thinking about the shelf of dreams that continue to peak out of the closet? Don't feel bad because you are not alone. Living your life does not mean giving up your dream. What it does mean is that you may need to go back to school or takes classes on the time that you may have valued as rest or even party time. It's time to multi task and labor for your dream. Remember that it is one thing to think it and another to bring it to reality. Some of us may have to work a little bit harder that our friends or family at our dream and that is alright. Keep it moving forward like "Thomas the Train" when he says "I think I can, I think I can." What I know for sure is that it will not be easy; labor never is (for some). The bottom line is that after the labor of love you will find yourself one day in the birthing room of dreams delivering your hard work for the world to benefit from. So if you have already conceived that dream, nurture it so it can grow and if you have not sit down and seed your dream in your soul with your passion. Then 'I dare you to dream!" We are in this together.
One Love!

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