Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Ready, Set, Go!

I am so inspired by my English Professors and the classes that they teach. I have been able to write and drift off into my imagination just for the the time that I am given my assigments. The challenge for me now is to integrate my writing throughout the day. I don't know what's best, a schedule or spontaneous writing. I do know that I have ideas that pop up and I write them on an envelope, a napkin or even a utility bill and then they wind up being lost. Any suggestion on what I can do to keep my ideas on paper together? It's time for me to get organized, set up my writing plan like I do fro assignments and write.


  1. Hi Chennette,

    I have a similar problem, but I've found it's easiest to keep one main journal for ideas and writing and when you have written anything down on the back of a receipt or something of that nature then tuck it into the journal or copy it down from the receipt into the journal. It can be challenging to keep scraps of paper and ideas organized.

    P.s... Nice background!

  2. I like keeping a file folder to pop those napkin/envelop/scrap paper jots on, so they don't get lost. I can't seem to stick to the one journal idea very well. If the "gift bits" are about something I'm working on, I put them in that folder but if they are on a new topic (i get ideas for good titles a lot), I put them in an idea file folder.

    Having a schedule to help yourself show up can be good but also, write down those spontaneous bits, too. I just heard of a woman who has those ideas all night long and keeps a notebook with a pen that lights up so she can write in the night!

    I love how your text flows across the photo of the tv room, even though it makes it a teensy bit tricky to read *:)

  3. omniscient idiot,
    Thanks for the response. I will make it my duty to change the way I collect my ideas and begin a new way of doing things so that I can become better organized with my writing. I choose this background because it made me feel like I was traveling and that's what I feel when I am writing.:-)

  4. Professor,
    I see where you are coming from and that also sounds like a great idea as I know that I write down things at any point in time. What I will do is divide my ideas it topics. I have to learn to write when my mind takes it's journey into idea land. I am loving that the Blog opportunity was given because this is giving me more experience with writing and is making me more comfortable. The unfortunate thing is that I just found your response;-) I am learning and it's fun.